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Coach Sayeed

I help working professionals overcome the curse of mediocrity and beat midlife crises. Empower them to Live a confident life without fear of failure, inspire them to know their true potential to achieve financial freedom and great health, with Loving relationships.

Discover Yourself

“Unlock the treasure trove of Unlimited You and crush the curse of mediocrity”

Mindshift & Empowerment Coach Sayeed Mohammad

If you are 30+, despairing to overcome mediocrity, then this one is just for you!

Clarity – Simplicity – Intensity

Clarity (Coach Sayeed)

Clarity in Vision

Simplicity (Coach Sayeed)

Simplicity in Process

Intensity (Coach Sayeed)

Intensity in Action

These are the most critical elements of success; you may want to try a lot of other things however, without a clear vision you wouldn’t know what to align with, or where you are going and may end up at an unwanted destination.

Vision without a proper process or being mired in a course that’s complex or confusing would be like taking a disoriented drive, lacking in clear destination, direction, or priorities, and moving without any clue of where it is leading.

Perhaps, you set a clear vision and poised to go with an earnest process too, however, if you are constantly ditched by procrastination or your actions are just not good enough, that wouldn’t give you the desired results either.

Anyone can be a victim of any or all of the indicators mentioned above. It's not unusual that people often fall into such a jinx and keep pushing things unsuccessfully, keep enduring the curse of mediocrity, without realizing why things aren’t working. To be honest, I had suffered the same jinx myself, however today I have successfully overcome those setbacks and as coach Sayeed, I am sharing the same formula and empowering scores of people to overcome mediocrity.

To identify and be aware of where and why you are going in circles and how you can get out of a midlife crisis and overcome mediocrity, it is highly desirable to have a third-party perspective. To break free and get out of the vicious circle, you might need an intervention, ideally someone of a mindset and empowerment coach stature, the one who can ask questions that you would want to avoid, who can give you an unbiased opinion, or the empowerment coach who can tell you the truth.

Discover Yourself
Julia Hartz (Coach Sayeed)

"There's a lot of clarity in hindsight"

Eventbrite CEO - Julia Hartz

Have you ever realized that it's habitual for us to get some good understanding and enlightenment of a situation, only after it has already occurred? But then, why do things as an afterthought? it shouldn’t be the case always.

If you are keen on substantial growth, if you would like to decimate the self-imposed siege and dream of creating a legacy that lasts beyond you; then reach out to me for an insightful session.

I commit to giving my full attention, and this session will also be absolutely free for you; this is my way of giving back to society.

How to ensure success?

Do you know what's common with all successful people?

Why are they victorious and how do they keep themselves consistently at the top?

Here’s the thing;

  • They have all had challenges, however instead of focusing on the problems they focused on empowerment, on possibilities and turned them in to opportunities

  • They are determined to be on top of their game and they know the importance of expertise or a coach in achieving these goals and also the cost and the consequence of not engaging one!

  • They all believe in action and have always backed up their desires to overcome mediocrity or midlife crises and be an achiever with massive actions.

  • Discover Yourself
    Discover Yourself (Coach Sayeed)
    Sayeed Mohammad

    Who is Coach Sayeed?

    Bestselling Author, speaker, certified coach, and a seasoned professional with international exposure.

    Sayeed Mohammad inspires people to discover the latent competencies, and facilitate the crucial mindshift, enabling them to disengage themselves from living a mediocre life, conquer midlife crisis and empowers them to live a confident life of abundance, vivacity and vitality.

    “I am privileged to apply the ground-breaking system created by an internationally acclaimed coach Arfeen Khan”

    What people said about the Incredible You coaching system developed by world-renowned Coach Arfeen Khan

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    Discover Yourself

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